//Pet Shower Sprayer Massager Bath Shower Sprayer Bath Massager Brush

Pet Shower Sprayer Massager Bath Shower Sprayer Bath Massager Brush


  • 4 feet hose, 4 hose adapters with header’s dimension of 3.94*3.15 inches(10*8cm); multifunctional dog sprayer, bathing, massaging and shampooing your dog, cat with 1 single tool and your single hand!
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor dog/other pets washing by connecting to different faucets wherever there is running water!
  • Save your money used to wash your dogs/cats or other pets in other dog washing places!
  • Steady water pressure flow: you can control with buttons on sprayer head; Quicker and more efficient!
  • The design allows for a great relaxing massage for your pet and to loosen up and soften fur of your pet.
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Recommended reason:

1, one hand can be operated, the bath liquid is dispersed, the bath is washed, the massage is done in one go, easy and simple.
2, the water flow directly to the skin, massage is easier to thoroughly rinse the residue of the bath, reducing the incidence of skin diseases.
3, the bathing liquid is dispersed, reducing the amount of bathing liquid, saving environmental protection and reducing waste of water resources.
4, the use of anti-slip design, comfortable grip, user-friendly design, easy to use.
5, for families, bathrooms, only need to have a tap to use

Product application instructions:

1. Connect the hose connection of the shower to the tap water interface to be connected. Do not forget the black seal attached to the product when connecting, otherwise there may be water leakage at the joint.
2. Remove the bathing fluid outlet protection cover, screw out the bathing fluid outlet valve, and slowly add the bathing liquid to the specific amount. Please determine the amount according to the characteristics of the bathing liquid and the size of the dog breed.
3. Use the thumb to control the water button and the opening key, and use the middle finger to control the bathing fluid to press the button.
4, open the faucet, press the water button of the shower, you can use.
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You never need to adjust water temperature, squeeze out shampoo, turn on and turn off water! With HappyDog multi-functional shower spayer, you can wash your dogs anytime, anywhere you want! One sprayer, allthe work done! Save your time, save your money and you shampoo!
Color: Blue, PinkSize:
Sprayer head: 3.94*3.15 inches(10*8CM);
Hose: 4 Feet long;Weight: 1.14LB;Multi-function:
Shower+Massager+Shampoo=Save time and money +high efficient!You save: 50% of water; 40% of shampoo, 50% of time and a lot of money!Using Tips:
1. Connect the shower sprayer hose with water supply faucets, do not forget to put black seal ring or it may leak;
2. Take out the cover of shampoo storage, swing out the outlet valve, add in shampoo slowly according the normal amount of your dog uses and his/her size;
3. Use your thumb to control water output button and middle finger to control shampoo;
4. Turn on the water supply, press water output, you can use it right away!Package list:
1*Multi-fucntional HappyDog Dog Shower Sprayer
1*User Manual
4*Hose adapters

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Pink, blue


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